72 Hours in Montreal

With upscale Parisian-inspired bars and grimy underground clubs, Montreal is a city for all types of nightlife lovers. The mixture of North American and French sensibilities combines New World service and Old World class, and this is especially true at venues where reservations are sought after and VIP tables are always full of the city’s finest. If you’re headed to French Canada’s cultural and entertainment capital, then read ahead for our guide to 72 hours in Montreal.


The drive from Montreal-Trudeau to the Four Seasons Downtown doesn’t start off too spectacularly, but the second you get close to the centre you begin to see why this is such a magical city. A blend of modern metal buildings and stunning colonial-era homes is just a taste of how beautiful – and varied – Montreal can be.

Our concierge service means the smoothest of check-ins, and your delight only grows as you open the door to your airy, beautifully furnished room. You’re feeling peckish after a long flight so make the short walk to the renowned Maison Boulud. After savouring some of the finest French-inspired food in the city, you take a quick stroll to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, where you spend so long admiring its incredibly curated selection that you almost miss your dinner reservation.

Before you know it, you’re at Flyjin, the city’s premiere Asian fusion joint. A DJ is keeping the vibe upbeat, and the bar is busy as the bartenders sling cocktails like it’s prohibition-era New York. You don’t have to wait there, though: thanks to our concierge service your booking was taken care of, and you head straight to your table.

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After indulging in a mixture of elegant dumplings, perfectly cooked fillet mignon, and sizzling black cod (and a few sake cocktails to wash it all down), you’re ready to party. Thankfully, you don’t have to move. Just before midnight, Flyjin transforms from a swanky restaurant to a VIP nightclub. You keep your table, and quickly the staff brings you high-quality spirits to enjoy between trips to the dancefloor. Before you know it, it’s 3 am, and you’re one ten-minute cab ride away from your welcoming bed. Even as you drift to sleep, you can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.


Breakfast at the Four Seasons more than revives you – although the rich coffee helps too. You head to the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal and marvel at the gorgeous edifice, taking in its grand architecture and unique interior design. From there you build up an appetite by hiking to the top of Mount Royal, where you’re greeted with stunning views of the city skyline.

After your trek up the hill, you’re ready to eat, so you head to nearby Beatrice, considered one of the finest Italian restaurants in the city. You indulge in their glorious, hand-rolled pasta, as well as a few glasses of crisp white. Feeling full, you take a long stroll along the St Lawrence River to help burn it off, before turning into the city and relaxing in the gorgeous Parc La Fontaine for a while. Once feeling refreshed you hail a cab and head to the Montreal Botanical Gardens and nearby Biodome, where you’re enamoured by the vibrant colours and sweet scents that surround you.

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However, your Montreal trip can’t be all wholesome nature walks and cultural touchstones. You head to Soubois, where our concierge service has made sure a table is already waiting for you. Delightfully fresh produce, talented chefs, and the finest mixologists behind the bar make this a meal to remember, even with all the delicious drinks you take in during dinner.

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Like Flyjin yesterday, Soubois metamorphosises into one of Montreal’s best nightclubs once dinner service is done. Soon the chic crowd surrounds you, but your table service was already arranged thanks to our concierge service, so you don’t have to battle the masses to keep the drinks flowing. The vibe is exactly what you want on a Saturday night, with a mixture of house and techno, and classic and modern dance tracks. The late night shifts into early morning, and once again you find yourself in the taxi home all too soon. You are a bit relieved to be getting some excellent sleep in your gorgeous room, but you still dream of steaks and dance floors.


It’s your last day in Montreal, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to lounge about. You have another delightful breakfast, drop your bags off at reception, and take a taxi to St Helen’s Island, a small islet on the Saint Lawrence. There’s something for everyone here: if you want to shake off last night’s cobwebs, head to the amusement park La Ronde. If you’re keen on something gentler, then there’s the imposing St Helen’s Fort, as well as the Biosphere, an interactive museum about the river it sits on.

There’s time for one more incredible lunch before you have to be off, and you make sure it’s at Toque. While you wish you could have everything on the menu, you’re limited by your appetite. What you do choose from the pan-European selections is a delight, like everything you’ve enjoyed on this trip so far. As you mop up the last of your meal, you’re already making plans to return to this wonderful, unique city for another weekend of epicurean delights.

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